Monday, 11 January 2016

Too Faced- Chocolate Bar Palette Review

So another present I am so grateful for this past Christmas was the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, thank you Calum! I am so obsessed, this is possibly going to be my new every day palette!

The shades in this palette are so usefull and everyday appropriate but you can still do an evening glam look with it aswell! How perfect right?!
I am obsessed with the shade salted caramel as a transition and milk chocolate to deepen it up slightly, and add semi sweet or/and triple fudge to get yourself a brown smokey eye and you are good to go!
I also love Marzipan, its a beautiful shimmer shade, I love it on the lid and inner corners! White chocolate is great for the brow bone!

And can we discuss the scent of this palette? It smells like freekin' chocolate! I knew this before getting it but I never quite imagined how incredible it would actually smell! I could have my nose attached to this palette all day and I would have no problem with it, its honestly heavenly!

The packaging of the palette is also so cute and amazing, but lets be honest, Too Faced slay the game when it comes to packaging all the time! 

Hope you liked this review, you need this in your life, just sayin' hehe

Tasha Rose xo


  1. It's so pretty! When I see this in store I will have to go and smell it now that you've mentioned it smells of chocolate!
    Charlotte //