Monday, 4 January 2016

Urban Decay Vice 4 Review

In this post I wanted to share some pictures and a mini review on the Urban Decay Vice 4 Palette!

Ok, is the packaging of this palette not just insanely amazing?! Its out of this world, defo one I have out on display on my vanity, its so so pretty to look at! And I actually think it reflects well on what the palette is like on the inside as regards to the shades, bright, in your face and unique! Great job UD!

Just look at these shades!! There are some incredible shimmer shades in there, and the colour pay off with them is just as incredible, and the shimmer to them when applied is great also. There are gorgeous pinks and corals and mermaid-like blues and greens.
The mattes in here are also amazing, not really out there colours but rather more useful to use in the crease to pair up with the crazy shimmer shades on the lid.

Unfortunately I am yet to capture a really good photo of a makeup look using this palette.. hmph.. those bad selfie days kill me!! I will hopefully be able to upload a post revolving around a look using this at some point soon though, if that's something you would like to see!

Have a lovely day everyone xx
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Tasha Rose xo


  1. The colours look amazing! Such a nice palette but I don't know where I would start haha x

    1. they are so amazing! I know its spoils you for choice!

  2. Such a gorgeous product, the packaging alone deserves an award!
    Charlotte //

    1. i know, the packaging is out of this world! so unique! x

  3. That eye shadow palette looks awesome.