Thursday, 6 August 2015

Current Favorite Perfumes 2015

I have picked out my favorite perfumes from my ridiculously big collection! Im abit of a perfume hoarder! 

First up, is my Jimmy Choo Flash, I was given this by my boyfriends parents, how lovely!!Its an Eau de Parfum so its nice and strong, which my personal preference.
This scent is different from any other perfume I have owned, it defo has a base wood smell, but lightened with a slight fruity scent, I feel like this in an appropriate wearable smell for both day and evening. It's a very sophisticated and sexy smell in my opinion, and very long lasting. The bottle itself is stunning which to me is important as I like to display my fave perfumes.
I own the 60ml bottle which RRP is £46

So secondly, sticking to Jimmy Choo, I have Blossom, which I got for my birthday from my boyfriend after I smelled it on holiday but never got around to buying it, he remembered how much i liked it and got it as a present, how sweet <3 This again is an Eau de Parfum.
This is a very different smell from Flash, its is alot lot lot more fruity (berry and citrus) and more of a day time perfume in my opinion, and for those who love floral scents you will almost defo love this one. The packaging is gorgeous and so me! This is RRP as the same as flash.

 Next up I have my Rihanna Reb'l Fleur, My friend got this for my birthday (notice a pattern here? I never seem to buy myself perfume haha!)
This is defo evening wear, it has a very sexy feel to is, and its very strong and lingers for a long time which is such a positive and hard to find perfumes that do so, its an Eau de Parfum also. I think it has a musk base smell, which I often don't like but I love this one. The price of this in 100ml is £24

Now for Alien by Thierry Mugler, this perfume has literally been my all time fave perfume since I was about 11, I have legit gone through about 5 bottles, I will never get bored of this smell. I actually cant express how much I love this perfume, and the fact I liked it when I was about 11 and I still like it now Im 20 says alot! I believe this comes in both Toilette and Parfum but of course I have the Parfum.
It would probably be more an evening perfume but I would totally rock this any time of the day, if I could bathe in it I would... haha! It has a strong woody but still floral smell. 60ml-£69

Lastly I have my Modern Muse Eau de Parfum by Estee Lauder, My mum brought this back to me from her holiday late last year. This is wearable for both day and night in my opinion. The packaging is very classy I feel with the gold and black, and what I think looks like a bow at the top, classy but still girly! I think this perfume has a fruity smell, almost like exotic fruit? and very floral. I find this perfume is very long lasting, I can put it on before I leave the house and still smell it when I come home! I have the 50ml which is £62

hope this has helped give ideas for any of those looking for a new perfume to try out in the shops next time your perfume shopping! thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment and include your blog so I can check it out! Please also feel free to follow me via Bloglovin' -


  1. Thanks for the ideas! I would love to have one of these perfumes for back to school!
    Jenna Marie |

    1. *, I'm sorry

    2. glad you enjoyed the ideas! i suggest trying out the blossom-jimmy choo for back to school! i think it would be the perfect fresh smell for that! xx