Thursday, 27 August 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award! How crazy?! I am so grateful, thank you to the lovely Vicky|Vixella Beauty for thinking of me for this award, please check out her blog, its great and she's so lovely!

The rules of this award

~ Thank the person who nominated you

~ Include a link to their blog

~ Write seven facts about yourself

~ Nominate other bloggers to pass the award along

So here are my 7 facts!

  • Im 20 years old, and part time beautician working from home, and part time nursery nurse!
  • I love all things pink and sparkly, it's very fair to say I'm a girly girl!
  • I am guilty of wearing UGG boots all year round, even summer... but believe me if you live or have ever been to scotland especially the north east, you get me!!
  • It doesn't matter how cold it is I cannot wear socks to sleep
  • I want a pug.. i really really want a pug! hahaha
  • I have two fave pieces of jewellery, a ring my boyfriend gave me and my pandora bracelet, I never take them off.
I nominate-


  1. I'm the same about not wearing socks so sleep just cant do that my feet need to breathe!

  2. Thank you so much from nominating me lovely! :)

  3. I want a pug sooo bad too! Thank you for nominating me :) I've just followed you on BL too :) xo

    Emma-Louise | Dino's Beauty Diary

    1. They are so lovely! I recently got pug bedding.. i think the obsession is getting too much haha!! Aww thank you so much! xx