Friday, 14 August 2015

Makeup Look Using Stila in the Light Palette

 Today I created this look with my Stila in the Light Palette, I've had this palette since June and I absolutely love it, the quality of the shadows are amazing, and I came up with this look using the brown shades within the palette. Keep reading to see how I did this and for more pictures!

I started by putting "bliss" as my transition shade, its a perfect colour for this, a very neutral brown and works with most looks, a really handy shadow to have! and it blends like a dream.
I then went in with "sunset" into my crease and slightly above, blending into the transition shade, this colour is a beautiful warmer medium brown shade with the tiniest amount of shimmer through it, but doesn't show much on the skin, which allows it to look fine in the crease.
I then deepened up the outer corner and slightly into the outer end of my crease with "sandstone" this is a stunning matte chocolate brown, and some dark browns I find a bit tricky to blend well but this one is absolutely effortless to blend.
I applied "kitten" on to my lid and inner corner, and let me tell you, if you get any of Stila's eye shadows, you have to get kitten, it is literally heaven in a shadow, its absolutely gorgeous! Its the perfect shimmer shade for lids and inner corner highlights!
I put "bare" onto my brow bone to give a matte highlight, this shade is subtle but I like it, it adds just the right amount of highlight to my brow bone.
My lips in this look is Gerard Cosmetics hydramatte liquid lipstick in Serenity and Mac lipglass in Boundlessly Beige 

I would love to hear what you think of this look!
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Tasha xx


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    1. Thank you Vicky! Let me know if you do and share photos I would love to see! x

  2. love your brows! ♥

    Nique ||