Thursday, 27 August 2015

My Go-To Eye Look

Hey everyone! I have a makeup look post for you all today! I decided to show you all one of my fave go-to eye looks, with the Smashbox Full Exposure Eyeshadow Palette. Hope you all like this eye look!

Firstly, I would like to do a quick mini review of this product, the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette is a palette of 14 shades, 7 of them are shimmer shades and 7 of them are matte shades, each shimmer shade compliments each matte shade which I think is a great idea. The palette retails for £38.
The matte shades are amazing, the pigmentation and colour pay off is great, they blend beautifully and last as long as I need them to. It's absolutely ideal to create a brown smokey eye either for a day time look or evening. There is also a great matte highlight shade which I find in a lot of other palettes there isn't one at all or it just isn't good enough, but I love this palette's one.
The shimmer shades could be better though. I only really use shades S3 and S4 which is the 3rd and 4th from the right on the top row, they are the only ones I find have really good pigmentation and staying power, the rest are alright. 
But honestly I feel for the price, all 14 shades should be up to a high standard, but I still love the palette none the less because all of the matte shades and the two shimmer shades (which are probably the 2 I would use most anyway).

Transition Shade- M3 (3rd from the right on the bottom row)
Crease Shade- M2
Deepen Crease Shade- M1
Outer Corners Shade- M7 (the black shade, I used a very little amount)
Brow Bone Highlight - M4
Lid Shades- I placed M4 down and the patted S4 on top
Inner Corner Shade- S4
Lower Lash Line- M2

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Shade 1N1
Urban Decay Naked Concealer
I used my Urban Decays Big Fatty mascara
Urban Decay Flushed Palette Highlighter
ABH Contour Kit
HD Brows Blush
HD Brows Brow Palette
Mac Please Me Lipstick

I go for this look when I want to do something quick and easy with my eyes but still want to look like I have made and effort, this could easily be made into a more evening look by adding lashes, liner and more of the black into the outer corners!

I hope you like this look as much as I do! Let me know what you think, I love reading and replying to your comments! I reply to them all!

Have a lovely day!

Tasha xx


  1. I've got the smashbox palette and my eyes never look as good as this! It's such a lovely look and really suits you :)
    Maybe I'll have to try and follow the steps you've done!
    Love Lauren xx

    1. I must admit I found it difficult to get good pigment to start with when I first got it, but I scraped the top layer off the shadows, and it made a huge difference! xx

  2. A lovely look - might have to check out that Smashbox palette!